Current Attendees

Below is our list of currently registered attendees sorted by organization. You can find a list sorted by last name here.

First Name Last Name Organization/Institution
Erik Aflalo 01dB
Stéphane Bloquet 01dB
Katrina Jensen ABCx2
Melinda Pagliarello ACI-NA
Daniel Botto AECOM
Anne Kohut Airport Noise Report/Aviation Emissions Report
Denny Schneider Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion, Inc    (ARSAC)
Andy Tolley American Ecotech
Yahia Ismail Aurora Flight sciences
Jason Schwartz Aviation Compatibility Consulting
Terry Christenson Boeing Commercial Aircraft
Philip Soucacos Booz Allen Hamilton
Clint Morrow BridgeNet International
George Bye Bye Aerospace
Cian Fields Cadmus
Sigmund Lentze Casper Airport Solutions Inc
Heleen Erkamp Casper Airport Solutions Inc.
Gregory Maxwell Casper Airport Solutions Inc.
David van de Velde Casper Airport Solutions Inc.
John Pehrson CDM Smith
Todd Linder Cecil Spaceport
Dylan Heberlein Centennial Airport
Melissa Coudeyras Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable
Brad Pierce Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable
Dan Gardon Charlotte Douglas International Airport
John Pusieski Citizen Noise Advisory Committee Portland International Airport
Liliya Zhukova Citizen Noise Advisory Committee Portland International Airport
Ambrose Clay City of College Park
Paul Benedetto City of Leduc
Loren Olson City of Minneapolis
Armeen Komeili City of Newport Beach
Joshua Heiss City of San Antonio - Aviation
Diana Hernandez City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Municipal Airport
Oddvar Tveit City of Tempe
Kory Lewis Coffman Associates
Bart Elias Congressional Research Service
Sandy Lancaster Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport Board
Sam Tan Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport Board
Nathaniel Schattner DeKalb-Peachtree Airport
Mike McKee Denver International Airport
Marina Landis DOT FAA
Micael Gianini Valle Do Carmo Embraer S.A
Greg Bracci EMS Bruel & Kjaer
James Clinnin EMS Bruel & Kjaer
Alex Fluken EMS Bruel & Kjaer
Steve Alverson Environmental Science Associates
Robin Ormerod Envirosuite
Kristin Zeise Envirosuite
Joe DiPardo FAA
Jim Hileman FAA
Kevin Welsh FAA
Lisa Waters Florida Airports Council
Brian Cook Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Samuel Carter Harris Corporation
Jonathan Fath Harris Corporation
Sally Feldmann Harris Corporation
Jessica Martell Harris Corporation
Rick Martin Harris Corporation
Gordon Ferguson Heathrow Airport Limited
Kevin Walton Heathrow Airport Limited
Robert Mentzer HMMH
Kurt Hellauer HMMH Inc.
Anthony Cangey John Wayne Airport
Betty Siercke John Wayne Airport
Mike Alberts KB Environmental Sciences, Inc.
Robert Gross KB Environmental Sciences, Inc.
Ken Cox Larson Davis
Len Krugler LAWA VNY
Jim Withrow LAX Area Advisory Council
Tyler Brown Lee County Port Authority
Dave Carbone LGN Aviation Policy Group & NOISE
David Chan Los Angeles World Airports
Matthew Romero Massport Community Advisory Committee
Brad Juffer Metropolitan Airports Commission
Jennifer Lewis Metropolitan Airports Commission
John Hansman MIT
Anne Hollander Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition
Diane Jackson Naples Airport Authority
Joseph Post NAS Systems Engineerning
William Johnson NASA Langley Research Center
Alex Gertsen National Business Aviation Association
Vicki Ward National Park Service
Ian Jopson NATS
Jonathan Bagg NAV CANADA
Blake Cushnie NAV CANADA
Michelle Mathine NetJets Aviation Inc.
Artie Clark NetJets Aviation, Inc.
Joseph Annunzio O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC)
Jeanette Camacho O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC)
Catherine Dunlap O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC)
Arlene Juracek O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC)
Mark Shull Palo Alto Citizens and Montgomery County Quiet Skies
Robert Grotell PlaneNoise Inc.
Xiaobo Liu Port Authority of NY & NJ
Adeel Yousuf Port Authority of NY & NJ
Ralph Tamburro Port Authority of NY/NJ
Jerry Gerspach Port of Portland
Phil Stenstrom Port of Portland
Alex O'Brien Port of Seattle
Stan Shepherd Port of Seattle
Brian Will Queens Quiet Skies
Armando Tovar Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority
David Ong San Francisco International Airport
Tyler Spence San Jose State University- Aviation Department
Davi Howard San Mateo County, Department of Public Works
Robert Bramen Sherman Oaks & Encino for Quiet Skies
Jennifer Landesmann Sky Posse Palo Alto
Gabriel Andino Teterboro Airport
Eric Raboin The Jones Payne Group, Inc.
Nazanin Bonds The MITRE Corporation
John Brandt The MITRE Corporation
Mark Covey Truckee Tahoe Airport
David Van Quest Truckee Tahoe Airport
Glenn Morse United Airlines
Zafar Zafari University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Sarav Arunachalam University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Leonel Fuentes Van Nuys Airport
Tom Breen Vector Airport Systems