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Noise 101

Learn about noise issues in the Aviation Sector. We will go over the history of noise in aviation, basic noise metrics, regulations, how to quantify aircraft noise, abatement, communications and tools used by the industry.

Hosted by Greg Maxwell & Steve Alverson

Sunday, March 3rd, 12:00pm -4:00pm

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NextGen 101

This training session will provide a broad overview of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), the FAA’s effort to modernize the National Airspace System and improve its safety, efficiency, and predictability through a portfolio of technologies.  The training will describe the need for and importance of NextGen and its primary components, provide a high level overview of those components, and touch on the potential benefits and impacts of NextGen from both the operational and environmental perspectives.

Hosted by John Brandt & Nazanin Bonds, MITRE Corporation, the FAA’s Federally Funded Research and Development Center

Sunday, March 3rd, 12:00pm -4:00pm

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Emissions & Air Quality 101